1.0 It's all in the DETAIL - Stair design.

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When extending your home, the transition between existing and new is really important to signal there's something new happening that catches your eye.  This transition can be by matching the orginal house's features or by complementing them.  New can be bold and beautiful - but it needs to be carefully considered.  In our loft extension I wanted the stair to contrast the Victorian features while showing the same attention to detail.  The design needs to start before site starts, so the steels and timber structure can be set out exactly. Flaherty builders did a brilliant job.

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To get the design right I needed to draw the stair in plan, section and detail and most importantly communicate this.  Damen mocked up the stair and we discussed the junctions and detail, the size of every piece of timber, the type of timber and the finish and fixing.

Stair 3 sophie bates architects kingston surrey.jpg

The oak stair works beautifully.  It is robust yet crafted, with the smallest detail considered.  As the sun light moves the shadows of the balustrade alters and this continues at night with the small uplighters. To the underside of the stair is a hidden light strip to wash light down to the first floor and highlight that there is something new to see.  

This care to detail I apply to all parts of a build - the exterior and interior details.  On a domestic project it is the detail which makes a difference.  If you have a project you would like me to work on, do get in touch. Best Sophie.

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