Contemporary Loft


After completing many projects for clients across SW London and Surrey, we are exciting to be extending our own home.  A vaulted ceiling with rooflights and rear doors gives views and light to a new bedroom and bathroom, providing vital space to our Victorian home.  

The extension is highly insulated in natural materials, wood fibre and sheeps wool insulation, chosen not just for their low carbon footprint but for the excellent comfort, will give warmth to the space in winter and slow down heat gain in summer, buying vital hours in the day to keep the heat out. To the rear the extension looks out to the west, giving beautiful views out to the setting sun but risk heat gain if not carefully designed.  The doors have bi-fold shutters painted white to shut out the heat and light out and keep the space as cool as possible.  The rooflights are also fitted with  external anti-heat shutters connected to internal air monitoring system, opening up the solar powered rooflights to cool the space when needed - clever stuff from Velux!  These can be retrofitted to many of there rooflights so check out to see if you can install them.

The extension is going up fast. Flaherty Builders are doing a fantastic job.  2.5 weeks in and the roof and floor structures are in, along with the steels needed to frame the stair.  Brick work starts this week - great to see.

Sophie Bates Architects Loft Kingston LR_8109.jpg