Designing with light for your home -

Integrating a range of lighting in your home is so important to create different atmospheres at different times of day. The quality, location and feel of the light needs to complement the use of the space, and this use may change thoughout the year, so it needs to be flexible.

HAMPTON House bungalow extension London Sophie Bates Architects.jpg

It is important to integrate layers of lighting in your home.  Feature lighting - such as the pendant in the hall above, general lighting - shown with the hidden light strip washing down the wall to the hall and pathway lighting to show a way through a space - such as the recessed wall lights to the stair are all important.

HAMPTON House bungalow extension  kitchen  lighting floor wash light London Sophie Bates Architects.jpg

Many living spaces in contemporary homes are open plan, so having a range of lighting types to the space can create different effects.  The kitchen in our Hampton home combines spot light task lighting for food preparation, pendants to the kitchen island and dining spaces to highlight these spaces and soft wall wash lighting under the oak shelf to highlight the space and create a warm and calm atmosphere at night.

HAMPTON House bungalow extension  bedhead lighting LED wall wash lighting London Sophie Bates Architects.jpg

Bedrooms also need care - to help create the right atmosphere, ideally with no or very few direct lights.  The spaces above show how effective a wash of light can be, and also show the need for task lighting by the bed.  

Part of lighting is the switching and control of the lights - having the right types of switches in easy to use.

If you have a project you would like lighting to be integral to the design - please do get in touch .



 - Photography by Simon Kennedy.