Near completion is our sustainable refurbishment and extension to an existing 1980's house in Coombe.  Backing onto Richmond Park, the house is in a fantastic setting but the existing living area is inward facing, damp and lacking in character.  We have been working with Flaherty Building Ltd to strip back the substandard structure and insulate the existing walls and floor.  


To the roof we are adding a green roof, to add to the insulating properties and add greenery to the outlook.  A large northlight will flood the living room with light while preventing overheating.  We are installing a MVHR and ASHP system and adding further photovoltaic panels to the roof.  Below we share the early concept sketches - a north light to add light and volume to the living room and prevent overheating, the green roof to increase biodiversity and insulation to keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter, and the creation of a courtyard between the extension and existing home - to introduce a garden to soften the aspect to the main road beyond and recreate privacy.

AXO VIEW Orchard House sustainable home Sophie Bates Architects.jpgSophie Bates Architects sustainable home Sketch Orchard house.jpg section.jpgOrchard house Sophie Bates Architects.jpgOrchard house Sophie Bates Architects.jpgprojects on site.jpgIMG_0411.jpg