Photographer's House - Design sketches and drawings.

A selection of early sketches and drawings to illustrate the refurbishment and extension of a terrace home for Kris and Jasmin. Key was to get the lighting right - to softly light the kitchen without overheating and to create atmosphere at night time.  Early design ideas are sketched and then modelled in 3d.  The ideas are tested and discussed closely with the clients the pro's and con's and developed so the design is bespoke and fulfils the brief.

Please see the project page for the finished photos. 

032 3d interior sketch kitchen green.jpg

Hidden LED strips wash light down behind the shelving and along the edge of the rooflight.

032 light study Sophie Bates Architects.jpg

External timber shading creates changing patterns throughout the day. The kitchen island is orientated to maximise views and connection to the garden.

DMI-Sophie Bates Architects - Photographer's home Details-Sheet-001_Barbecue Area.pdf

An outdoor kitchen was included at an early stage of the design, using the same bricks as the extension and same splashback tiles as the kitchen internally.

DMI-Sophie Bates Architects - Photographer's home-Sections-001.pdf

The section shows how the house was extended - with long rooflight and solar shading, and utility set into the darkest part of the house.

DMI-Sophie Bates Architects - Photographer's home Details-Sheet-003_Front Porch.pdf

Every tile was set out indivually - the colours to tie in with the existing brickwork.

DMI-Sophie Bates Architects - Photographer's home Details-Sheet-002_Desk Area.pdf

A tucked away study area with pocket door - to open or close up the space.

DMI-Sophie Bates Architects - Photographer's home -Plans-001.pdf

We worked closely with Barnwell Gardens to create a garden that tied into and worked with the design of the house.