Contemporary flint home, Surrey

Recently completed new build Surrey home, set in the grounds of a Grade II listed house.

Set in the grounds of a C16th grade II listed hall, a new outbuilding was designed for Pat and Rose, both in their 80s, to enable them to live close to family.  The new home is nestled in the corner of the generous garden, backing onto woodland and tucked behind a two storey, black weatherboard-clad barn.

Locating it in the  corner of the grounds, largely behind the existing barn, helps minimise its presence on the site and provides privacy. The location also allows the living spaces to open up onto the shared garden while maintaining the views from the living room of the main house to the garden and trees to the boundary.

The house is single storey to allow it to be fully accessible and is made of three forms – two pitched, housing the bedrooms and living areas, and one in between, accommodating the entrance and utility spaces.  

Sensitive to its immediate surroundings as well as the wider area, the design incorporates natural materials including a timber frame, slate and local flint. Massing has been arranged to blend with surrounding building forms and tuck unobtrusively into a corner. Contemporary glazing contrasts with the traditional flint.  An overhang to the path provides shading and a place for planting to grow. 

The home is  highly insulated to maximise energy efficiency, with an air source heat pump providing all the energy needed for the running of the home. A covered walkway offers shade for the glazed corridor and stops direct sun in summer but allows it to warm in winter.


We are all thrilled with the result, so the objective has been well achieved.
Project Information
Location: Tadworth Surrey
Price: Confidential
Client: Glen and Jane Bacon.