LIGHT AND SHADE - An eco loft extension in Kingston, Surrey.

A carefully crafted roof extension to our Victorian home in Kingston, creating a light filled haven for our family.

The loft is more than a standard conversion. It has been designed and built to subtly incorporate technologies to help the space stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Such practices include reusing timbers, using natural wood fibre insulation, solar-powered external shutters, triple glazing, and internal reflective shutters to reduce overheating. The house has been repointed, PV’s and air monitor system installed, low VOC materials used, and office walls insulated.

Making the space feel generous, calm and inspiring was vital to the design, including a generous hall with crafted oak stairs and subtle lighting, reflecting natural light during the day and highlighting pathways at night. The bathroom faces east, with views of the new  finial and fascia in keeping with the building's history, framed by a contemporary, crisp window. Sunlight floods and tracks across the vaulted ceiling. Cupboards have been tucked away, built in to provide hidden storage.

To the west, shutters control the heat and frame the view over the rooftops. Bates worked closely with the builders and carpenters on the design of the stairs and joinery, showing care and attention to detail built to last.

The contemporary loft extension has transformed our home. It is a beautifully designer, calm space - and stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Our energy bills compared to last year are less than half what they were which is amazing.
Project Information
Location: Kingston, Surrey.
Client: Sophie and Richard