Light play - Kingston

A simple palette of materials has been selected to extend out our home and create a fantastic living space open to the garden.

Key to the design was to provide a spacious, flexible living space that opened up to the garden. The form of the build was tested through a number of models and sketches. A full width four-and-a-half-metre roof light slot separates the existing house from the new element of the extension, its width allowing light to the depth of the room and its narrow depth preventing direct sun from overheating the space.

The glass doors wrap around the corner and up beyond the ceiling to hide the roller blinds when they aren't in use. The glass slides back into the pocket in the wall allowing the dining table to move outside.

Working with small spaces is an exciting design challenge. We needed to open up the space to the small garden, provide flexibility in use and work to a limited budget to create a stunning addition to this home.

Central to the design concept was to use light and contrast in the design. The rear of the house faces west and the new living space is over eight metres deep. By designing a full width slot roof light next to the rear of the original house the back of the room is filled with light while its proportion restricts solar gain. The light spills down the wall, moving throughout the day like a sundial while never providing glare to the sofas and tv. The glass corner opens to the south, allowing ventilation in and beautiful views out. In high summer the solar-reflective, electric blinds can be lowered to reflect heat while letting light in. The design maintains the side alley, allowing the morning sun to light the white, rendered wall with planting.

A simple palette of materials responds to the different light conditions through the day and at night. Dark grey niches either side of the fireplace are lit from the top at night. The pendants to the dining area draw your eye as you enter the house from the street. Plastered-in light fittings maintain the crisp lines and detailing. 

The relationship to the garden is vital and the landscaping of the beige sandstone terrace and louvered fencing completes the design.

You were brilliant, understood what we wanted to achieve and delivered beyond expectations
Private client, SW London
Project Information
Location: London
Price: £57,500
Client: Sophie and Richard Ainsley